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Acoustic and Ventilation Products

Landguard Engineering is a specialist supplier of acoustic equipment and products, for large industrial applications.

We supply large acoustic ventilation and enclosures, designed to suit specific needs.

Our in-house range of acoustic panels and attenuation are fully tested with accredited test data. This enables us to supply a fully integrated acoustic solution for most industrial noise applications.

Products and solutions: 

  • Ventilation and attenuation
  • Exhaust gas silencers and pipework
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Acoustic panels

Acoustic Wall Panels


Many industrial environments consist of noisy equipment housed in enclosed spaces. Whether this is due to a manufacturing process or a simple by-product of equipment installed to provide power or compressed air; noise is a problem that needs to be controlled and contained like any other environmental pollution.

Within an enclosed space the reduction of noise can be controlled by changing the reverberation time. In an industrial application, walls and ceilings can be lined with acoustically absorptive panels and barriers to reduce the reverberation and overall noise level

Landguard’s mobile Industrial acoustic absorption barrier provides localised reverberation control for noisy machinery. Reduces noise level within factories and plant rooms. This product offers a unique form of very localised noise control for work stations and noisy equipment that needs to be continually accessed

The IAB100, offers easy positioning and removal to allow for changing noise requirements and providing easy access to equipment. 

Containment of Noise

Panels and enclosures to prevent noise breakout

To ensure that noise is contained, it needs to be enclosed within a space that is surrounded by a building material that has an ability to prevent or reduce noise break out. This can be achieved with the use of mass or isolation. 

The Landguard range of acoustic panels provides a combination of both mass, isolation and absorption to provide the most cost and weight effective solution to this noise problem.

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