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Exhaust Gas Systems

Exhaust gas pipework designed specifically for large Diesel and Gas Engines

Exhaust Gas Pipe work and Silencers

Specialist bespoke Exhaust gas pipework and silencers for large reciprocating engines.

Unlike many other manufacturers, our pipework is specifically designed and manufactured for reciprocating engine applications. 

Our customers request a more robust and reliable solution than the current readily available off the shelf solutions. 

Our diverse range of products and design capabilities allows us to provide a complete solution, including supporting structural steel work and AV isolation.  

Exhaust Venturi Weather Cowl

Our Venturi cowl has been designed for Diesel Exhaust gas stacks. As well as preventing weather ingress, it also offers up to 15% flue dilution, reducing heat and pollution concentration. 

The Venturi design also offers a secondary discharge point which remains clear even after the heaviest snow fall events. This provides the reassurance needed when specifying equipment for a standby Generator application, when the emergency startup of backup energy is critical.

Each unit undergoes a comprehensive design review using our CFD software to ensure the cowls efficiency is maximised for specific engine exhaust flow, back pressure and flue dilution.

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